New life in Christ Course in Debrecen


The course is presented as spiritual retreat in which participants hear, experience and share the power of the Gospel message proclaimed. This dynamic retreat employs a unique teaching methodology to engage the participants and bring them to a personal/intimate encounter with Jesus Christ. “New Life” is the beginning of a new life for the believer.

Goal: To experience God’s salvation through a personal encounter with Jesus resurrected and a new infusion of the Holy Spirit, in order to be born again, and to live as children of God and heirs of his Kingdom.

If you desire to bring your baptism to life, you are willing to encounter Jesus as profoundly alive, you are hungry to know God's love personally, you are eager for your faith to grow, and you hope to have your life renewed by the Spirit of God...   ...this is the course for you!

Come to experience the love of God the Father Almighty, and come to know something you may have never truly known!

Come and be fed physically, spiritually, emotionally.

Meet some great people and make some new friends.

Bring your Bible, and be hungry and open, to be blessed by this amazingly powerful faith changing course! Possibly One of THE BEST weekend investments of your time and energy you can make for 2023!

"Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me." • Revelation 3:20


"I experiance that with my trust put in God I can get to light from darkness carried on His palm. I went home from the course filled with courgae and peace."

"God showed me a very new aspect of Him, and I could get closer to Him. If you wish to know what is the secret of a new life, come and meet the living Jesus."

"It is so good to know that I am real treasure in the exes of God. I understood that Jesus Christ died on the for me, as well. The Holy Spirit touched me in a wonderful way."

"I relaxed and my anxiety was taken away, for I know I am not alone in my struggle against temptations. Jesus lives in my heart."

"If you are searching the truth and something is missing from your life, the New Life course points at what you are missing and how can you fill that gap."


György Balassa (Baloo)


Beáta Tóthné Behina


2023. február 24., péntek 17.00 –


2023. február 26., vasárnap 15.00 –


Venue: The community building of the St László Dominican Parish, Debrecen, 6 Füredi Rd


Participant's Financial Support: Expect a small registration fee payable on arrival to cover the direct costs of the weekend (materials, foodie, travel expenses for the guest teachers). We try to keep it as student-friendly as possible, somewhere between 6,000 and 9,000 HUF (roughly the price of one or two Starbucks Café Lattes for each day of the weekend). We will let you know the final / accurate amount once the registration is over.

Jelentkezés és kapcsolat: 

You may submit your on-line application form or you can apply by filling out the Google Form.

Please provide your email address or phone number so that the team can contact you to confirm your registration or about any change that might occur.

We kindly ask you to register only if you can participate on the whole retreat. Jumping on and off the teachings and activities will reduce not only your experience but that of the other participants.

Deadline for Registration: February 12, 2023 after the Sunday English Mass in person or by the next Tuesday electronically via email or on FB/Whatsapp

For registration and inquiries contact: Maria de los Angeles Ortega on WhatsApp (+52 474 126 8076)

Jelentkezési határidő: 

2023. február 12., vasárnap

Jelentkezési lap: 

Letölthető a honlapról.

Hozz magaddal: 

What to bring along:

your Holy Bible, printed or digital (recommended: Android, iPhone)

your favourite notebook and pen/pencil

and your open heart and mind.


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